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     CJMRNever blind the TRUTH no matter what the consequences  : CJMR Outreach To Prisons And Freedom For Others

  • CJMR Team and the family members of Olusola Adepetu waiting to receive their loved one.

     CJMRNever blind the TRUTH no matter what the consequences  : CJMR Outreach To Prisons And Freedom For Others

  • Pastor Hezekiah Olujobi praying for the inmates

     CJMRNever blind the TRUTH no matter what the consequences  : CJMR Outreach To Prisons And Freedom For Others


     CJMRNever blind the TRUTH no matter what the consequences  : CJMR Outreach To Prisons And Freedom For Others

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     CJMRNever blind the TRUTH no matter what the consequences  : CJMR Outreach To Prisons And Freedom For Others

  • Agodi Prison outreach

     CJMRNever blind the TRUTH no matter what the consequences  : CJMR Outreach To Prisons And Freedom For Others

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     CJMRNever blind the TRUTH no matter what the consequences  : CJMR Outreach To Prisons And Freedom For Others

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     CJMRNever blind the TRUTH no matter what the consequences  : CJMR Outreach To Prisons And Freedom For Others

  • MR. Femi Ogunyadi, Deputy Controller of Agodi Prisons,Ibadan

     CJMRNever blind the TRUTH no matter what the consequences  : CJMR Outreach To Prisons And Freedom For Others

Centre for Justice Mercy and Reconciliation (CJMR) is a grassroots organisation dedicated to protecting the basic legal rights of Nigerian citizens through the pursuit of improvement in the country’s criminal justice system.

Specifically, CJMR works to guarantee all citizens the rights to:

  • Competent legal representation
  • Protection from cruel and unusual punishment
  • Fair trials for detainees
  • Healthy living conditions while in prison for detainees
  • Assistance in rehabilitation of ex-convicts through restorative processes.

We work to guarantee these rights by gathering and disseminating clear and accurate information about the prison system and promoting practical and constructive solutions to deep-rooted problems in the Nigerian criminal justice system.

It was founded in 1999 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in 2009.

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To rebuild broken lives and bridge the gap between the prisoner and the society for safe return and better future.


To be the voice of voiceless people in the rural area and inmates wrongly detained or convicted in Nigeria Prison irrespective of gender, ethnic or religion and to bid for second chance for a vile offender.


To identify the people within and in the remote areas that deserve a helping hand.***To help break the crime circle of an ex-inmate from further committing crime.***To alleviate suffering of the innocent and decongestion of the prisons***To impact positive values to the family of prisoner***To reconcile the offender and the victim of crime * **To advocate for the victim of wrongful detention / Conviction


65% of the inmates interviewed were educationally poor, having below primary school ****75% of inmates were from broken homes****Out of the 66 inmates interviewed who are parents, they had a total of 129 children ****83 out of 128 detainees on the list charged with conspiracy and armed robbery had cases which were in High Courts****7 out of 10 cases in the High Courts will likely be discharged and acquitted or struck out at the end of the trial****20 out of 40 presently in the Magistrate Courts had been ongoing for over 2 years, and may spend another 1 to 2 years if there is nothing done to put pressure on the system to hear their case***6 out of 10 had run away from home before imprisonment***6 out of 10 will be homeless after being released***7 out of 10 prisoners who were tenants before the imprisonment will lose their housing during custody and they will face housing challenges upon being released***70% of those that gain their freedom will re-offend and enter prison again within the next 3 years

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  • WHAT THE BENEFICIARIES SAYS – Alhaji Khabiru Oladehinde

    I am grateful to Almighty God and this Organization (CJMR) who mediate between me and my neighbor on behalf of my son who was in detention on trump up charge on armed robbery offence which the innocent boy did not commit. Alhaji Khabiru Oladehinde (Ibadan)

  • WHAT THE BENEFICIARIES SAYS – 10 years Kirikiri – Muhammad Ibrahim

    CJMR save me from wrongful conviction and pursued my freedom from the High Court to the Supreme Court where justice was in my favor after 10 years has being taken out of my life over a crime I did not commit. Muhammad Ibrahim (Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison, Apapa, Lagos)

  • WHAT THE BENEFICIARIES SAYS – Ibrahim Salisu, Garuba and Bala

    The voluntary favor of CJMR without consideration of our religion / tribe by putting our 7 years detention to an end, providing accommodation and transportation to our various destinations are well appreciated. The Almighty God shall reward you. (Agodi Prison, Ibadan, Oyo State)

  • WHAT THE BENEFICIARIES SAYS – 17 Years wrongful.. Olaniyi Emiola

    CJMR untie me from 17 years of wrongful conviction from death row over a crime I did not commit. (Maximum Security Prison, Kirikiri, Lagos State)

  • WHAT THE BENEFICIARIES SAYS – 14years on death row. O. Oyeleye

    I am most grateful to the Almighty God and to the members of CJMR for been there for me all through the lowest time, and for securing my freedom through the Court of Appeal after 14years on death row. O. Oyeleye.(Abeokuta Prison, Ogun State)

  • WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING – Hon Muibat Kelani

    At the freedom ceremony of two ex-prisoners, The Commissioner for Women Affairs, Community Dev. & Social Welfare noted that the unquantified contribution of this ministry (CJMR) is highly commendable and appreciated by the State Government and that the noble role being played in promoting the welfare, resettlement and total rehabilitation of these people cannot be over-emphasized. This is a selfless service for the upliftment and progress of humanity; a task for all of us, the government and governed.

  • WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING – Mr. Danladi Tilden

    Mr. Danladi Tilden,  the Controller of Prison Oyo State Command in his courtesy visit to the halfway home pointed out that; “There are so many people going about feeding on false claim telling lies that they are rehabilitating the ex-convict when they never step the prison yard, actually when I was coming here I had the apprehension that may be he is one of them, but getting here with what I see and what I heard I am convinced about what the set-man is doing. The government and stakeholder should support a work like this and there should be more exposure and awareness programme on this location”.

  • WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING – Chief Ade Ajakaiye (AIG Rtd)

    My participation in the CJMR since my retirement has been very rewarding psychologically and spiritually. It is a good forum to look at the society beyond the law and order spectrum to the existential situation of man in an imperfect world. So my time, sweat and any other contribution I make would be to ensure its success. Chief Ade Ajakaiye (AIG Rtd)

  • WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING – Pastor R.O Anjorin

    During his visit to the halfway home, Pastor R.O Anjorin said “What CJMR is doing is a well calculated attempt to lead these people back to the path of rectitude and responsible citizenship. This is a thoughtful vision that deserves attention”.



STEAWARDSHIP REPORT FOR YEAR 2016 I would like to sincerely thank you personally for your generous donation in the year 2015 and 2016 in advancing the work of the kingdom of God and our service to humanity.

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Seven Fulani herdsmen who had been standing trial in magistrate court 1, Iyaganku, Ibadan for two years on alleged robbery gained freedom six months after Legal Advice hath declared them of no case to answer.

CJMRSevenFulaniCJMR 7 Fulani

Reporter and photographer: Bob Manuel Alakhumeh CJMR Admin


Download link for full report



Thanks Giving service was held on the 3rd of March, 2016 to mark the 17 year anniversary at the office of CJMR. Some of the beneficiaries of the CJMR came from Lagos to join the event. In attendance were the Controller of Prisons, Mr. Tairudeen Ogunmola and the Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Okoh representing Oyo State Commissioner of Police.


On the 4th of March, 2016 there was a food outreach, over 450 inmates of Agodi prison were fed. Pastor Mrs. Tola Oyediran (nee Awolowo) ministered to the inmates at the full capacity of over 500 inmates in attendance. Victoria Fellowship Church was represented by Bro Bayo Adesiyan.

We thank those who supported us with cash and kind during 2016 outreach.

We thank our mother Pharm C E Akpa, Daystar Christian Centre, Victoria Fellowship Church, Lagos, Pastor Prof Mike Adebamowo of Grace and Glory Church, Lagos



CJMR seeks to collaborate with relevant stake holders in criminal justice, Human rights Civic Societies and NGOs (National and International).


CJMR shall generate funds and materials for its activities through: Missions/ Societies/ Corporate Bodies, Non-Governmental Organizations, Foundations within and outside Nigeria and kindhearted individuals.


Our staffs and our devoted team of volunteers continue to work hard on behalf of those who languish in prison, wrongfully detained or convicted. If you would like to support our effort in freeing the wrongly detained or convicted, innocent on death-row, you may support this project either in cash or kind. Volunteers are highly needed. We count on your generous donation to achieve our vision. For payment, bank details are as follows:

Account name: Centre for Justice Mercy & Reconciliation ; Current Account no: 2013454021

Domiciliary account no: 20134969882 ; Bank: First Bank Plc. Oke-Ado Branch, Ibadan, Nigeria.

You can make your cheque payable in US Dollars to:

Domiciliary account no: 20134969882 ; Bank: First Bank Plc. Oke-Ado Branch, Ibadan, Nigeria. Alternative Account:

Account No: 1012189729 ; Bank: Zenith Bank Plc, Iwo-Road Branch, Ibadan, Nigeria.

CJMR Secretariat -2nd floor beside Cowbell, Adabaale Shopping Complex, Opp Butoal Petrol Station, Iyana Bodija, Ojoo Express way, Akinyele LG Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria 08030488093, 08025782527, 08050945037